The WCHA accepts eligible applicants that qualify under the following residency preferences ONLY. If you do not qualify under these preferences, you are not eligible to apply.


Geographical Location

  • My household physically lives and resides permanently in Wayne or Pike County, Pennsylvania

NOTE: Documents must be attached such as a current lease (within one year), electric bills or heating bills in your name with physical address, or proof of governmental assistance benefits (welfare, social security, etc.)

Employed in Geographical Location

  • Applicants are working or have been notified that they are hired to work in Wayne or Pike County, Pennslyvania

NOTE: Documentation must be attached such as a current paystub with company name and address or verification on company letterhead indicating current employment information or have been hired to work.

Education or Training Program

  • Applicants who are graduate of, or active participants in education and training programs within Wayne or Pike County, Pennsylvania.

NOTE: Documentation must be attached reflecting proof of graduation date from educational facility (within last year) or current proof of enrollment from educational facility within Wayne or Pike County.

You may contact the H.A. via phone, email, or visit our office to schedule an appointment for the H.C.V. waiting list. You must provide your full name, mailing address and phone number. The H.A. will then send you an appointment letter with a date to come to our office for an intake interview. Any person over the age of 18 must come the interview.

The appointment letter will instruct you for on documents you need to bring for your interview to determine if you are eligible for the waiting list. The H.A. has a residence program for Wayne and Pike County residents. Applicants who qualify will receive priority. At the present time, an estimate time to receive an intake appointment is approximately 9 months to 1 year.

The Authority also has an elderly/disabled complex in Hawley for efficiency and 1 bedroom unit and a family complex in Waymart housing 1, 2, and 3 bedroom families. To apply,contact the main office. Interested applicants do not need to qualify for residency preference to apply for Hawley or Waymart Projects.